Dreampoint Hotel “Request for Cooperation”

From: Michaelphils
Subject: Request for Cooperation

Message Body:
Dear Sir/Madam
I am contacting you from Isatis Global company. We are a law firm and research company major in Due Diligence, compliance, risk management, corporate and personal assessment, market analysis, research projects and company incorporation. We are based in Dubai and has over 10 years of experience in special research and legal services. We are interested to collaborate with your valued company in common fields as we have an international network of lawyers and experienced consultants in the Middle-east, central Asia, Europe, CIS, East Asia and high risk and sanctioned countries including Iran and Russia. We have accomplished hundreds of domestic and international projects till the present time in the mentioned countries and we can also present you some samples of the works we provide if you are interested.
We hope we can get connected and start our collaboration very soon.
Thanks & Best Regards
Email: Commercial@isatisglobal.com
Whatsapp: +971583096516
Website: https://www.isatisglobal.com/

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